Magic Trick: Second sight — part 2


This can be used as a climax for the Second Sight illusion or can be a standalone performance. It an only be done ONCE per performance.

The performer leaves the stage and an audience member or two or three are asked to write their own name and that of a deceased person upon one of the slips of paper as described in Second Sight — Part 1. The cardboard pieces are collected as before. The performer comes back on stage with his sleeves pulled up to the elbow, to prove that he has nothing up his/her sleeve. S/He then pulls his sleeve down, names the person (or one of the persons) who wrote the names, and invites them up on to the stage along with the slip of paper written upon. S/he asks the audience member to crumple up the slip of paper and rub it vigorously on his/her (the performer's) sleeve — "to make sure the name gets through the sleeve". When s/he pulls up the sleeve again, the deceased person's name is written in red upon the bared arm!


The pieces of cardboard are gathered as before and passed to the performer BEFORE he comes out onto the stage. S/he memorizes the writer's name and writes the dead person's name on a small piece of paper which is concealed on the inside of his/her sleeve, where s/he will direct the audience member to rub. The writing fluid is the key: red ink plus glycerine, printer's ink, or oil colour plus turpentine. This will transfer nicely onto the skin when the sleeve is pressed firmly.


As noted in Second Sight — Part 1, this trick is difficult to perform convincingly. The same suspicion-dulling procedures will have to be followed. The audience member is asked to use the paper to rub the sleeve so s/he won't detect the light wetness that may result from the writing fluid.

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