Magic Trick: To Pass a Fork or Spoon through a Tumbler

The foregoing successfully performed, take up a tumbler carelessly, and remark to the host that you notice that he has some of the "patent filter tumblers." Ignorance of the fact will, of course, be expressed, and you then proceed to show that the tumbler you hold has a hole through the bottom, by apparently passing the handle of a spoon or fork, or any other suitable article, through it. This diverting optical illusion is thus performed: Take the tumbler (empty) in the left hand, near the bottom, not in the ordinary way, as if about to drink from it, but in such a manner that it lies along the hand, the mouth towards the wrist. Take the article to be passed through the tumbler in the right hand, and, after thrusting it once or twice against the bottom, pass it between the hand and the outside of the glass, allowing two or three inches to protrude beyond the ends of the fingers. This simple action causes it to appear that the spoon handle, skewer, &c., has been passed through the bottom of the tumbler.

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