Magic Trick: To Find Sweetmeats in a Handkerchief

For this pretty trick the performer will require a conical bag, made of fine calico, cambric, or any other substance resembling a handkerchief. The length of the bag should be about 5in.; and it must be furnished at the apex with a bent pin—a black one. The mouth must be fitted with two pieces of flat watch or crinoline spring, sewn in the stuff in such a manner as to keep the opening closed. This bag must be filled with sweets, and suspended, by means of the bent pin, on the edge of the table—out of view of the audience, as a matter of course. Borrow a handkerchief, and say that you will now find something that will please the juvenile portion of the audience. Wave the handkerchief mysteriously about, and then spread it out upon the table. Wave your hands over it, take it up delicately by the centre with one hand, and squeeze it with the other over a plate with which you will be provided. Naturally, nothing will come of it, so you repeat the operation, this time at a different part of the table. At the third or fourth attempt, the handkerchief should hang over that portion of the table where the bag is suspended, and when it is raised the bent pin should be included in the grasp. On squeezing the handkerchief this time, the hand should compress the ends of the springs, which will open, and allow the sweets to escape and fall upon the plate with a great clatter. Do not empty the bag at once, but give it two or three squeezes, allowing a little to fall out each time, which will greatly heighten the effect. When the bag is empty, the next thing to do is to remove it from the handkerchief. If a chair is handy, the bag can be dropped on it; but the best way is to boldly introduce the hand beneath the handkerchief, and, whilst calling attention to the sweets, hang it again on the edge of the table, which can easily be managed behind the handkerchief. The sweets used should be small round or oval ones, they being best suited for the purpose.

There are many little feats performed with handkerchiefs hardly deserving the title of tricks, in the way of tying bows and knots, &c., by entirely unorthodox methods. They are too insignificant for performance alone; but they look very well when worked in with more important tricks. Be sides (and it cannot be too often stated), conjurors should endeavour to know everything connected with sleight of hand. In drawing-room circles, one is continually asked if one can do this, that, or the other; and it is quite as well to be able to reply in the affirmative, for it always tells detrimentally to fail in a little matter. The following feats will be found effective:

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