Magic Trick: To Untie a Knot by Word of Command

Tie a knot with two ends of a handkerchief, but in such a manner that one end is always quite straight; in fact, one end should be tied round the other, and not the two ends tied together. If you take the extreme end of the straight portion, anyone may pull as hard as he likes at it from the other side of the knot without making it any tighter, although you must lead him to believe that he is doing so. When he has pulled to his heart's content, take the knot in one hand and cover it with the rest of the handkerchief. Whilst doing so, work, with the concealed hand, the straight end through the folds of the other, but do not destroy the folds, which give to be held, of course under cover of the handkerchief. Command the knot to come undone, and then shake the handkerchief out. This is the groundwork of a trick on a much larger scale, which will be treated of in Grand Magic. It is a very effective little trick, and should never be despised.

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