Magic Trick: The Shower of Cups

Amongst other things, a favourite production from hats is an enormous quantity of tin cups, very similar to those used in the cup and ball trick described in "Drawing-room Magic," but much larger. These cups, being all of the same taper, fit well one into the other, and, being also very thin, a large number can be well put together without forming a very formidable pile. Fifty is a very common number to introduce into a hat at one "load." The upper rim is turned over outwards, to give the cup a look of great solidity, and the bottoms are fairly thick, for strength. They should be wrapped in silk, and the inside cup filled tightly with ribbons or cut paper, or anything else that will make a great show when distributed. The performer then walks about the stage tossing the cups out of the hat with great rapidity on to the floor, occasionally placing a few on the table upside down. A dozen or so on a table make a good show, and they are also useful for concealing the bags and silk used previously for containing other articles. Spread out a few in the hat now and again and show it thus filled. Very few will suffice to fill a hat to the brim. These cups are, perhaps, best purchased at conjuring apparatus houses, their manufacture not being universally understood.

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