Magic Trick: The Resuscitated Fowl

This can either follow the trick just described, or it can form a separate trick altogether. It is very old, and has formed a portion of the stock performance of conjurors for hundreds of years. The head of a fowl is concealed in the hand, and a live bird seized. The conjuror engages in a mock struggle with it, endeavouring to seize its head, the object of the disturbance being to enable the real head to be turned down under one of the wings, and there held with one hand, and the loose head to be held on with the other hand, in its place. The stage assistant now advances with a large knife, and cuts off the imaginary head. The performer must make the deed as realistic as possible by causing the fowl to appear to struggle vehemently, and twitch its legs if possible. The head is then taken, and applied to the neck, the conjuror remarking that nothing is easier than to cause it to grow on again. Palm the loose head, and, at the same time, allow the real one to escape from its confinement, when it will at once appear to have suddenly grown on again. Release the fowl for a short run, to show that there is no mechanism about it. This trick is frequently performed by the very best conjurors, sometimes with a pigeon. The loose head must match the real one as nearly as possible, or the deception may be noticed.

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