Magic Trick: Coin and Worsted Ball Trick

A very good trick indeed is performed with a ball of worsted and a coin. Have a flat metal tube broad enough to admit with ease the coin intended to be used, and wind round one end of it a quantity of worsted, so as to form a large ball, completely closing up one aperture, the other end being left open and protruding half an inch or so. Place this in a pocket or a bag, or behind a screen. You must have a duplicate coin palmed, which change with the borrowed one, and give to be held in a handkerchief. The coin would, of course, be marked. When the worsted ball is in a bag, or behind a screen, the coin must be dropped down the tube, which is then withdrawn, and the ball compressed in the hand so as to obliterate all traces of an opening. It is, however, a much neater way to have the ball and tube in the pocket (it will have to be a side pocket); another ball being sent round to be examined before anything is done. When the coin is in the prepared ball, and the tube withdrawn, it can be exchanged with the other. When this has been successfully accomplished, give the ball to be held high in the air, and, taking the substituted coin, "pass" it inside. Now have the ball placed in a tumbler, which is held by one person, whilst another pulls at the end of the worsted, and so unwinds it. In the centre will, of course, be found the borrowed article.

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