Magic Trick: The Flight

This is a method for causing five coins to disappear. It is a very useful interlude when the performer is hard up for something to do, and when it is desirable to lengthen out the entertainment.

Take five well-worn half-crowns (your own or borrowed; marked or not), stand sideways to the audience, right side to the front, and extend the left hand, palm upwards. Hollowing the hand slightly, place one coin upon the tip of each finger. Place the right hand upon the left, the corresponding fingers of each hand meeting at the tips, so that the coins are held firmly between them. Give the hands a half turn, so that the back of the right hand is towards the audience, and hold them in this position for a few moments, the eyes being directed upwards, as though the remainder of the trick were to be in connection with the ceiling. Give the hands two upward and downward sweeps, increasing in vehemence, and at the third bring the points of the fingers together. This will cause the coins to lap one over the other in tolerably good order, when they must be pushed firmly between the root and first joint of the right thumb, breadthwise (see Fig. 5). The action must be executed as the hands descend for the third time, and with such speed that the coins must be secure in position when the hands are brought up again, when they will affect to toss the coins hard up at the ceiling. This takes some little doing, as there must not be the slightest pause in the upward and downward swing. The coins can be reproduced from the person of the performer or from the audience, or they need not be reproduced at all.

The feat is capable of being introduced into tricks where five coins are made to disappear. Unless each finger has an occupant, it does not look complete, so it is not advisable to introduce the variation where four coins, or fewer, are employed.

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