Magic Trick: Queen of flowers


The scene is presented as a gallery of flowers; surrounded on all three sides by dark curtains. It's about ten feet wide and eight feet high. The bottom of the set is a shelf about a foot off the floor; four red poles in the middle of the set support a small roof and partition off the set into three parts. A bright light is set up under the shelf in each of the three parts. At the top is a semicircular rod which supports a wraparound curtain which does NOT go further back than the front of the platform. The performer may bring out a semicircular piece which he attaches to the bottom of the set between the poles; it may be there to begin with. In either case, the performer closes the curtain — leaving the area behind it visible to spectators not directly in front. After appropriate mumblings and invocations — perhaps calling on the audience to lend their psychic good will to the effort — the performer pulls the curtain back revealing the Queen of Flowers!


The sides of the alcove defined by the four red poles are not open, as they appear to be: they are actually double-sided mirrors which go from the front to the back of the set. The outer surface of both reflects the flowers on the outer portions of the set, thereby giving the illusion of space behind the semicircular curtains; the inside of the mirrors reflect the painted flowers at the back of the set. The Queen simply steps into the alcove once the curtain is drawn. A snap!


The lowers on either side of the set must be as even and symmetrical as possible, so as not to be obviously reflected; likewise the painted (or actual, for that matter) flowers at the back of the scene must be as similar as possible. A certain amount of patter is essential to the effect as otherwise there really isn't much going on!

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