Magic Trick: The Spots on a Freely Selected Card Will Indicate the Number of Cards Secretly Removed from the Pack

At the bottom of the pack are eight cards arranged as follows: a deuce, trey, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine, of varying suits. The undermost card must be the deuce, on top of this follow the trey, four, and so on to the nine. By slightly turning up the left hand bottom corner of the nine spot, these arranged cards may be easily found when the rest of the pack is on top of them. These arrangements must be made before attempting to show the trick.

To begin, the performer lays the pack on the table and requests some one to remove "a good portion" and from this to take away as many cards between one and ten, as he sees fit; that is, excluding one and ten. These cards are to be placed on top of the pack. The assistant puts aside the rest of the portion removed, so that the performer can not possibly know how many cards were placed on top of the pack. As soon as the assistant at the beginning removes "the good portion," the performer picks up the pack, and by the "pass" brings the eight arranged cards from the bottom to the top, the turned up corner of the nine helping him in this. When any number of cards between one and ten is placed on top of the pack the tenth card from the top will indicate by its spots the number. For example: If five cards are placed on top, first counting off these five, the sixth card will be a nine, the seventh, an eight, the eighth, a seven, the ninth, a six, and the tenth, a five.

The effect of the trick may be improved by allowing the one who assists to select a number between one and ten. As soon as the cards are placed on top of the pack the performer passes three cards to the bottom, in which case the seventh card from the top will now tell by its spots how many cards were placed on top. It is a psychological fact that eight out of ten men asked to select a number between one and ten will choose "seven." In that case hand the pack to the assistant and tell him to look at the seventh card. If, by any chance "five" should be called for, two more cards must be slipped to the bottom, and so on for other numbers.

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