Magic Trick: The Sympathetic Kings and Queens

The performer hands out an ordinary pack of cards with the request that some one will pick out the kings and queens and lay them, faces upward. When this is done the performer arranges them in four pairs, a king and queen in each. These pairs are now arranged one over another in one packet, which is laid, faces down this time, on the table. Several persons are asked to cut the cards (not to shuffle them, remember), so as, apparently, to disarrange their order. Declaring that his sense of touch is so delicate that without seeing the cards he can separate the kings from the queens, the performer puts the packet behind his back, and, almost immediately bringing his hands in front shows that in one hand he has the kings and in the other, the queens, which he throws on the table.

"Now," says this wonderful man, "by this same acute sense of touch I shall reunite the separated pairs."

Picking up the kings he places the queens on top of them, or vice versa. This packet he lays on the table, as in the first instance, faces downward, and again has them cut by different persons, until kings and queens seem to be hopelessly mixed. Once more putting his hands at his back, he produces the cards two at a time, laying each pair, faces downward on the table, and when, at his request, they are turned up, it is found that each king has the queen of his suit for a companion.

And now for the secret of this marvel: When, in the first part of the trick, he puts the cards behind his back, he takes in one hand the first, third, fifth, and seventh cards, counting from either the top or the bottom, and in the other the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth cards. When they are brought to the front all of one kind will be found in one hand, and all of the other in the other hand.

When the performer picks them up again for the second part of the trick he apparently takes them at random. In fact, however, he takes them in the old SHow CoDe order, the kings first and on top of them the queens. When, with their faces downward, he has them cut several times, and has put the packet behind him, he divides it in two equal parts. Then he takes the top or bottom card of each part and lays these two cards, faces down, on the table. This he repeats until four pairs are on the table, and when they are turned up they will be found in proper order, each king with a queen of his own suit.

Should the performer be proficient in making a false shuffle he may introduce it with good effect in the course of the trick.

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