Magic Trick: The Seven Heap

The four sevens are sorted out of a pack and placed in a heap on the table. Then seven indifferent cards are placed in a second heap alongside the first, and some one is asked to come forward and assist the performer.

Looking the man earnestly in the eyes for a moment, the conjurer writes on a slip of paper: "You will select the seven heap." This is folded and handed to the assistant with the request that he put it in his pocket. He is then asked to select one of the heaps of cards. When this is done he is requested to read what is written on the paper. When he has done so, he is told to turn over the heap. No matter which heap is selected the prediction is verified. Should it be the heap with the four sevens, the conjurer turns over the other heap with the remark, "You see these are all different cards." On the other hand should the heap of seven cards be selected, the performer merely counts them out one by one, without showing the faces of the other heap, merely spreading the cards apart to prove that there are only four cards there.

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