Magic Trick: The Rising Cards

Fig. 73

Fig. 74

Four cards are prepared as shown in Fig. 73. A is a double card, that is, two cards pasted together, back to face, so as to secure a piece of fine black silk thread between them. The loose end of this thread comes out at the back of the back card A through a tiny hole punched in the exact center of this card at about an eighth of an inch from the upper edge. A similar hole is punched through B, C, and D. At the bottom of each of three other cards is cut a little notch, as shown in Fig. 74. These cards are placed between A and B, B and C, and C and D, one between each pair, the notched part resting on the thread, which is slackened so as to come under the cards. These are the rising cards, and cards corresponding to them in suits and spots are forced on the audience. When the cards are in place the remaining part of the thread ought still to be about a yard long. This part is curled up on the back of D, and the free end is fastened securely to the card E by pasting over it a piece of court plaster. When everything is prepared, the cards are gathered together and secured by passing a light rubber band over them.

When about to exhibit the trick the packet of prepared cards is placed in the performer's pocket or under the front of his vest. Then duplicates of the rising cards are forced on the audience, and when replaced, the pack is given out to be shuffled. In the meanwhile the performer palms the prepared packet, which he places on top of the pack when it is returned to him. Then he announces that in order to keep all secure he will place a rubber band round the pack. He goes through the motions of taking one out of his vest pocket, but really takes out nothing, but slips the band that holds the prepared packet around the whole pack.

As the little holes and notches in the cards perfectly conceal the thread, the performer may safely hand the pack to some one—preferably a lady—to hold for a moment, while he goes to his table for a goblet.

When the goblet has been examined the person who holds the cards is requested to drop them into the glass, which the performer then stands on his table. Then he asks the name of the first card that was drawn, and announces that he will try to blow it out of the pack. He removes the rubber band from the cards and taking out the last card in the pack, which is E, he rolls it into a tube. This he puts to his mouth and blowing in the direction of the goblet, while he draws back the thread a little bit, the first named card slowly rises from the pack. In like manner the other two cards rise. As each card comes out the thread naturally increases in length, so the performer must imperceptibly draw further back.

After the pack is shuffled, it will be well for the performer to note whether one of the selected cards is at the bottom, and should it be, he must, for very obvious reasons, slip it out of the way.

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