Magic Trick: The Rising Cards in a Case

Several cards are drawn from the pack by the audience. They are returned, the pack is shuffled, and placed in an ordinary paper or pasteboard case, such as cards now usually come in. This the performer then holds up, and as the cards are called for, they rise, one at a time.

Fig. 72



The case, which is the ordinary affair, has a slit cut in its face, lengthwise, as shown in Fig. 72. This is imperceptible, for it is merely a slit made with a sharp knife, not a slot. At the lower end of it is a tiny hole. At Figs. 72a and 72b is shown a little concave disc of metal; on the convex side of this is soldered a needle point, so that it somewhat resembles a small drawing pin. The concave side is filled with adhesive wax, and the whole disc is painted a flesh color. This is stuck on the tip of the forefinger.

When the drawn cards are replaced in the pack, they are brought to the top, by means of the "pass" and the pack is placed in the case with the top cards next to that part of the case in which is the slit. The flap of the case is turned back or upward, so that it will be out of the way.

Holding the case with the thumb on one side, the forefinger at the back and the other fingers at the other side, the cards are raised, as called for, by the pin point which enters the slit, the little hole at the end making the entrance easy.

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