Magic Trick: A Wonderful Change

A court card is prepared by punching in the middle a hole about the size of a large pin head. This card is placed on top of the pack. A card is taken from the pack at random by one of the audience, who marks it. In the meanwhile, the performer brings the prepared card to the middle of the pack, by means of the "pass," and it is on top of this that he has the drawn card laid, when it is returned to the pack. Then he makes the "pass" again, and brings both cards to the top. These he palms and hands out the pack to be shuffled. When the pack is returned to the performer he ruffles the pack, and announces that by his power he has brought the drawn card to the top. In the meantime he has laid the palmed cards on the top. Picking up the two top cards he holds them close together, bending them slightly by the pressure of thumb and fingers, so that they look like one. "Here is the card that was drawn," he says. This will be denied, of course, by the one who selected it. As the front card is a court card the hole will not be visible. Lying on the performer's table is a fine needle threaded with about two feet of sewing silk on one end of which is a knot. This knot, however, must be of a size that will pass through the hole in the court card. Running the needle through the hole, the performer draws the thread till the knot rests against the selected card. Taking a handkerchief he passes the needle through it and then spreads it over the pack, which is scattered somewhat over the table. It is clear that if the thread is pulled up, the handkerchief will be raised, bringing with it the selected card attached to the thread and leaving the court card on the pack, to the surprise of the audience. Still keeping card, handkerchief, and thread together the performer carries them to the one who drew the card, for identification by the mark.

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