Magic Trick: A Question of Sympathy

When the pack has been shuffled and returned to the performer, one of the audience draws a card and replaces it in the pack. The pack is again shuffled and the person who drew the card is asked to think of another card. When he has done this he is further requested to draw a card from the bottom of the pack, which the performer holds in his left hand, and to lay it, face upward on the table. This he continues to do until he draws the card he thought. "Now, my dear sir," says the performer, "by some mysterious and inexplicable bond of sympathy the next card you draw will be the one you first selected." And so it proves to be. The explanation is simple: The card that was drawn was at once passed to the bottom of the pack, where it was left undisturbed when the pack was shuffled.

When the one who drew it is about to take the cards one by one from the bottom of the pack in his search for the card he thought of, the performer draws back the bottom card toward his wrist, in the manner already explained in the description of "The Slide,". The result is that the card next to the bottom one is drawn each time by the one who is searching for the thought-of card until the time is reached when the bottom card is wanted. Then the performer moves it into place.

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