Magic Trick: A Card Apparently Placed at the Bottom of the Pack, Appears at the Top

The performer takes two cards from the pack, and holding them tightly together they appear like one. (See "The Single Change,".) Holding them up, he calls attention to the bottom card, calling it by name. He then places the two cards in the middle of the pack, which is in the left hand, allowing them to protrude about an inch. The two cards are held between the thumb and first finger of the right hand. These fingers draw the top card of the two slightly forward, while, at the same time, the forefinger of the left hand, which is under the pack, pushes the bottom card, which is the known card, back into the pack. By keeping the cards slightly tilted downward at the front and the left thumb extended alongside of the pack, the card will slide between the thumb and second finger of the left hand, without showing itself. Now the cards below the protruding card, which the audience suppose to be the card that was shown to them, are placed on top of the pack, the protruding card being thus brought to the bottom. In this position, the pack is placed on the bottom of an upturned goblet. Then the bottom card is pushed slowly home. "Where is the card now?" asks the performer. Of course every one declares it is at the bottom, but much to the surprise of all it is found to be not at the bottom, but at the top.

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