Magic Trick: A Selected Card Appears at Any Desired Number from the Top of the Pack

A card that has been drawn by one of the audience and replaced in the pack is brought by means of "the pass" next to the top card of the pack. The performer asks at what number, counting from the top, the audience would like the selected card to appear. Let us suppose that number eight is decided on. Holding the pack in his left hand the performer shows that it is neither the bottom nor the top card. Taking the top card off the pack and holding it between the thumb and fingers of the right hand, face down, he counts "one." The second card (the selected one) follows immediately as "two," but instead of putting it on top of "one," which he holds in his right hand, he puts it under, his hands moving together slightly and quickly up and down, prevent the audience from seeing just whether the card goes on the top or the bottom of "one," and as the third card and all the other cards that follow go on top of "one," any suspicion that may be aroused is set at rest. When the eighth card is reached the performer throws it, face down, on the table. When the one who drew the card turns this up, he at once declares it is not the card he selected. While the attention of the audience is fixed on the card, the performer brings his hands together for a moment. The cards in the left hand lie flat, while the others are held lengthways above them between the thumb and the first and second fingers at the ends, so that the pack assumes, somewhat, the position of a half-opened book, as shown in the illustration, Fig. 56. With the fingers of his left hand the performer slips the bottom card of the packet held by his right hand (the selected card) on top of the cards in the left hand. By pressing lightly on this card while the right hand keeps the rest of the pile in the one position, the selected card will appear face upward on the left hand heap. The performer immediately places the cards in his right hand on top of it, face down, of course. It is the work of a moment only, and the audience ought not to notice it. Picking up the card that is lying on this table, the performer places it on the pack, which he hands to the person who selected the card, telling him that though in spite of the evidence of his senses, his card is not the eighth from the top, it will by the magic power of the performer be brought there. Taking the pack in his hands and ruffling it, he hands it back to the man with the request that he count off eight cards. The request is complied with, and much to the astonishment of the gentleman he will find, when he reaches the desired number, the selected card staring him in the face.

Fig. 56

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