Magic Trick: The Servante

At the back of the table of the professional conjurer, just a few inches below the top, is a padded shelf or shallow box, technically known as a servante, and intended to hold or catch whatever is laid or dropped on it. Where a performance is at a club or a private house a portable servante that may be attached to any table or to the back of a chair is frequently used. An oblong frame, about five by four inches, made of strips of narrow, hard brass, having a small upright brass plate about an inch from each end, is one of the best. The plates are blackened and in each is driven three small holes, into which are thrust thumb tacks to fasten the frame in position. The frame is covered with soft black cloth, which should sag a trifle in the center of the frame, so as to hold whatever may be dropped on it.

A servante

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