Magic Trick: A Greek Cross

A number of cards is dealt out in four or more (not less than four) heaps, faces upward. Each heap contains four cards, and, for effect, they are arranged in the form of a Greek cross, as shown in Fig. 55. The performer turns his back to the table and requests some one to think of one of the cards. When this is done, the performer faces the table once more, and asks in which heap the card is lying. When he learns this he again turns his back to the table, and tells the one who thought of the card to mix up the cards indiscriminately. Then the performer rearranges them in cruciform heaps, and once more asks in which heap the card appears. Then he picks out the card at once.

Fig. 55

It is a very simple trick. The performer uses a prearranged pack and when the heap containing the thought-of card is pointed out, he has only to glance at the top card of the cross to know the other three cards. As he turns his back immediately no one will imagine that he can memorize all four cards in the heap. When he arranges the heaps a second time, he is careful to have each card of the designated heap in a different heap, that is, one only in a heap. As soon as the heap is pointed out the second time it is a simple matter to pick out the one card that was in the original heap.

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