Magic Trick: A Flying Card

A card is selected from an unprepared pack which has been thoroughly shuffled. When the card is returned the pack is again shuffled. The performer holds the pack in his right hand, and asks the name of the selected card. The answer is no sooner given when the card jumps out of the pack, and high in the air.

Fig. 51

Fig. 52

Before the knack of this trick is acquired, there will be no little practice spent on it. When the selected card is returned to the pack, it is brought to the top by the "pass," and left there, even though the cards are once more shuffled. Then the performer places the pack, face down, on the right hand, the thumb on one side, the first and second fingers on the other. The selected card (which is on top) rests on the side where the fingers are, and its opposite edge, where the thumb is, is raised about a quarter of an inch, and held loosely by the thumb, as shown in Fig. 52. The muscles of the hand which must be kept tense, suddenly press the pack into the position shown in Fig. 53; the thumb slips between the top card and the others, while the first and second fingers glide along the bottom of the pack. Almost at the same moment the top card will spring out of the hand and go flying in the air, as shown in Fig. 54. In its descent it will be found possible to catch the card on the top of the pack, but that means more practice and plenty of it.

Fig. 53

Fig. 54

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