Magic Trick: To Make a Card Disappear from a Glass

For this trick the performer will require:

1. A tumbler that is wide enough at the top to admit a card, but is a little taller than a card. It should taper towards the bottom, and, by preference, be ornamented, as shown in Fig. 44.

Fig. 44

Fig. 45

2. A piece of transparent celluloid, cut to the exact size of a card.

3. A playing card that is bent double. A court card is the best for the purpose, as the crease is not readily seen when the card is not folded. (See Fig. 45.)

4. A handkerchief, which may be borrowed from the person who is to assist in the trick.

The tumbler stands on the table, also a pack of cards with the creased card, not bent, on top and beneath it the piece of celluloid.

Some one is asked to assist and he is allowed to examine the glass, which he is told to hold up with his right hand.

The performer picks up the creased card with his right hand and with it the celluloid, which is kept concealed behind it. The assistant is asked to call out the name of the card. The performer holds the card with his thumb at the bottom and his second finger at the top, bending it out a little the better to keep the celluloid in place. Then with his left hand he throws the borrowed handkerchief over it and asks the assistant to place the tumbler under it. As soon as the card is covered, the performer takes hold of it through the handkerchief with his left hand, while the right hand, which is still under the handkerchief, bends the card in two and palms it. As it is only half size now it may be palmed without being detected. The left hand holds on to the celluloid shape and its outlines under the handkerchief give the impression that the card is still there. The assistant is now requested to take hold of the card (the celluloid) from outside the handkerchief. "You are sure you have it?" asks the performer. "Of course I am," is the answer, and every one will endorse what he says, since the outlines of the supposed card may be seen plainly. He is told to push the card into the tumbler, which is still covered. The performer gets rid of the palmed card by dropping it into a convenient pocket, and informs the assistant that the card will leave the tumbler in a moment, without his knowing it.

Pulling up his sleeves, the performer puts his left hand under the handkerchief and grasps the glass near the bottom, telling the assistant to let go of it. At the same moment catching hold of a corner of the handkerchief and crying "Go," the performer jerks away the covering and shows the tumbler empty. It may be turned around, for there is no danger that the fake will drop out. The tapering sides of the glass hold the celluloid firmly, which, besides, is curled slightly inside the lower part of the glass. The design traced on the tumbler helps in the deception and effectually conceals the celluloid.

The card may be produced from the performer's pocket or in any way that may suggest itself.

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