Magic Trick: How to Tie a Slip Knot

In the description of "A Handkerchief with Seven Corners," a slip knot is mentioned. This is made by first tying a square knot, as shown here. One corner of the handkerchief, which is here printed in black, to make the description clearer, is taken in one hand and the body of the handkerchief corresponding to that corner in the other hand, just below the knot. Then it is pulled. The result will be that one corner will be tied ROUND the other, as shown here. While it has all the appearance of a fair knot, one corner may be pulled entirely out without destroying the folds in any way. A silk handkerchief must be used, as one of linen or muslin is apt to jam.

Fig. 193 A square knot.

Fig. 194 How to tie a square knot.

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