Magic Trick: A Pull

A simple pull is made of black elastic cord. It should be of such length that when stretched one end may be attached to a button of the trousers on either the right or the left side, and from there passed inside the vest, across the performer's back and down the opposite sleeve, ending in a loop of strong black thread that goes over one of the cuff buttons. When it is needed to vanish, say, a handkerchief, the performer draws the loop into his hand, runs the handkerchief through the loop, and then releasing it, away goes the handkerchief up the sleeve.

The only trouble with this pull is, that the elastic loses its elasticity and for that reason is not altogether reliable. A better pull is made by substituting a strong black cord for the elastic. At one end of the cord is a loop to go over the trousers' button; to the other end is fastened a piece of fine catgut ending in a large loop. The right arm is bent at the elbow and held at the side. The catgut loop goes over the right thumb. To vanish the handkerchief it is passed through the catgut loop; then the arms are extended to full length and the handkerchief disappears in a flash. In using this pull the performer has to call it to his aid as soon after he comes on the stage as possible, on account of the constrained position of his arm.

There are other pulls, mainly mechanical, that rely on a cord attached to a spring barrel. When noiseless, some of them are good, but the second method that we have described is the best and most reliable, when it can be used at the beginning of the trick. Instead of fastening the cord to the trousers' buttons some performers have it hanging just outside the armhole of the vest. A ring is on the end of it, and when it is to be used the performer gets hold of this and gives it a sharp pull. A little practice will soon satisfy a performer, as to which method he prefers.

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