Magic Trick: With Apologies to the Audience

A selected card is torn to pieces, and these, with the exception of one piece, are put into a small envelope which is handed for safe keeping to the one who drew the card. A cigarette is borrowed, but when lighted it will not draw. On examination it is found that it contains the destroyed card, all but the one piece that is held by one of the audience. Then the envelope is opened, and instead of the pieces the tobacco of the cigarette is found inside.

The properties for the trick are not at all elaborate. The performer needs: 1. A pack of cards. 2. An imitation cigarette, made by tightly rolling around a lead pencil a duplicate of the card that is to be destroyed, minus a small piece. The pencil is withdrawn and the card is wrapped in a bit of white paper. At the ends the paper is tucked into the card and closed by pasting on some cigarette tobacco, so that it will resemble the genuine article. 3. Two small "pay" envelopes. In one of these is a pinch of tobacco and the piece torn from the card in the fake cigarette. 4. A package of genuine cigarettes. 5. A box of matches.

To exhibit the trick the package of cigarettes and the imitation article are in the left side pocket of the trousers. The two envelopes are in the right side pocket of the vest, and the box of matches is in the trousers' pocket on the right side.

The card to correspond with the one in the imitation cigarette is on the top of the pack. Going to one of the audience the performer makes the pass and forces the card. When the one who draws the card has looked at it and made a mental note of it, he is requested to tear the card in two, then in quarters, and again and again until it is in small pieces. In the meantime the performer takes the envelopes out of his vest pocket, and palming the prepared one offers the empty one to the person who holds the pieces of the card, with the request that he puts the pieces into it.

When it is returned to the performer, he turns to the audience and says: "I must ask the indulgence of the audience, but I have a craving for a cigarette. Will some gentleman oblige me with one?" As the attention of the audience is at that moment taken off the performer's hands, he takes advantage of it to exchange the envelopes. Addressing himself to the one who drew the card, he says, "Will you be good enough, Sir, to keep one piece of the card, so as to identify it later on?" While saying this he opens the envelope, takes out the piece of card, and then sealing the envelope hands both to the gentleman. Noticing that some one is offering him a cigarette, the performer remarks: "I have some of my own cigarettes, but prefer one of yours." While saying this he takes from his left-hand pocket the package of cigarettes, shows it, and puts it back. In doing this he gets rid of the envelope containing the pieces of the card and palms the prepared cigarette. Accepting the proffered cigarette with his right hand he pretends to put it in his left, but palms it and puts the prepared cigarette in his mouth, saying: "With my apologies to the audience I will take just a whiff of this." Taking the box of matches from his right-hand pocket he gets rid of the cigarette that is palmed. He strikes a match and attempts to get a light, but fails. Taking the cigarette from his mouth to see why it does not draw, he picks at it for a moment. Then opening it he discovers the card, and taking it out presents it to the gentleman who drew it. "Is that your card, Sir? It is? Thank you. Perfectly restored?—No? Ah, the piece is missing. You have it, Sir." The piece is produced and fits perfectly, proving conclusively that it is the identical card that was destroyed. "But where are the pieces that we put in the envelope?" asks the performer. The envelope is opened only to find that the pieces are gone and in their place is the tobacco of the cigarette.

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