Magic Trick: The Forcing Die

This is a most useful adjunct to the conjurer who wishes to force number two or three by the throw of a die.

Fig. 31

Fig. 32

From the diagram it is seen that the "one" and the "four" spots are missing from the die, and are replaced by an extra "five" and "three." The spots are arranged as follows: The two "three" spots are on opposite sides, as are also the two "fives," while the "six" and the "two" are opposite, as shown in Fig. 31. When the performer places four heaps of cards on the table, and wishes to force one, he takes care that this heap is either the second or the third in the row.

Let us suppose that number three is to be forced. He announces that the spots on the die will indicate which heap is to be selected or used, and as there happens to be only four heaps, it will be necessary to count backward, should five or six be thrown. The heaps are in the order shown in Fig. 32. If two is thrown, the performer begins to count from the right, which will make the third card, number two; if three, he counts from the left, when the third heap will be number three. If five he counts from the left and one number back; if six, he begins to count at the right and then two numbers backward, which will cause him to end with three.

It is evident that no matter what number may be thrown on a die made in the way described, the counting may always be done so that it will stop at three, the desired heap. Should it be necessary to force the second heap, the counting must be in an opposite direction.

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