Magic Trick: The Knot of Mystery

One end of a cord is tied around one wrist of the performer and then the knots are sealed. The other end of the cord is held by one of the audience. Turning his back for a moment or passing behind a screen the performer causes a knot to appear upon the cord. A look at the accompanying illustrations will explain the secret of the trick better than many words. As soon as the cord is secured around his wrist the performer gains slack and makes a loop, as shown in Fig. 181. Taking hold of the cord at A he pushes it under the cord around his wrist in the direction indicated by the arrow. Pulling it through he brings it over his hand, leaving it in the position shown in Fig. 182. Again taking hold of the cord at A he draws it down and pushes it under the cord around his wrist. The cord will now be in the position shown in Fig. 183. Once more taking hold of the cord at A he brings it up and entirely over and around his hand, and when the cord is stretched it will be found that there is a knot on it, as shown in Fig. 184. This is a double knot, as the illustration shows. To get a single knot the procedure is slightly different. As will be seen in Fig. 182 the ends of the loop in the palm of the hand cross each other. If the cord is so twisted as to form a straight loop, as shown in Fig. 185, and the performer continues in the way already explained, the result will be a single knot, as seen in Fig. 186. Instead of having one end held it may be tied to the other wrist, and in that case the knot will be on the cord between the wrists. Two or three knots, one after another, may be made by simply repeating the procedure described and adjusting the space between the knots.

Fig. 181

Fig. 182

Fig. 183

Fig. 184

Fig. 185

Before the loop is placed around the hand, as shown in Fig. 182, a borrowed finger ring may be tied to the cord by simply dropping the ring over the loop and proceeding in the manner explained.

Fig. 186

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