Magic Trick: The Slide

By this useful little sleight the card next following the one at the bottom of the pack is substituted for the bottom card.

The pack is held face down in the left hand, the thumb on one side, the fingers on the other. As the right hand approaches the pack, ostensibly to draw away the bottom card, the third finger of the left hand slides that card back about an inch toward the wrist. (See Fig. 29.) The thumb of the right hand is then placed against the pack and the forefinger under the now partly cleared card that is next to the one at the bottom. This card the forefinger draws out and with the help of the thumb it is removed from the pack. The audience imagine it is the bottom card, which they saw but a moment before. As soon as the card is removed, the forefinger of the left hand presses the front end of the pack and pushes it back to square it with the bottom card.

Fig. 29

Fig. 30

When practicing this sleight it is well to moisten slightly the tips of the third finger of the left hand and the forefinger of the right hand.

In the illustration the hand holds the pack so that the cards may be seen. This is done in order to give the reader a better idea of the position of the cards; in doing the trick, however, the pack is held with the faces downward, as in Fig. 30.

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