Magic Trick: A Girl Produced from Empty Boxes

Two large boxes are standing, side by side, on a platform, when the scene opens. The sides, back, and front of each box, together with the lid, are hinged together, and are kept in place by spring catches, and may be opened out flat. Taking one box at a time, the performer spreads it out on the stage. When the audience is satisfied that there is nothing concealed, the boxes are replaced on the platform; the small box is dropped into the large one, and the boxes are closed. Immediately after the lids fly open and a young woman springs out. See Fig. 162.

At the beginning the girl, in a crouching position, is concealed behind the small box as shown in Fig. 163. When the large box is replaced on the platform, after the performer has opened it out for the audience it is stood close to the other which gives the girl an opportunity to pass behind it and to enter it through a trap. The bottom of the small box is of black paper instead of wood, enabling the girl to go through it, as it is dropped into the large box. The trick is very effective and a favorite with some of the best conjurers.

Fig. 163 Illustrations to A Girl produced from Empty Boxes.

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