Magic Trick: The New Die and Hat Trick

Nearly every conjurer has at some time either used or seen the old Die Box, with two compartments. The idea is good, but the trick is old.

The box now to be described is quite new and suitable for the stage or the drawing-room.

The performer borrows a hat, shows that it is unprepared and empty, and places it on a table in full view of the audience. A square box is next shown on all sides, and is opened; a lid in front drops down and one on top opens upward; the box may be shown freely, without allowing it to be handled. A solid wooden die of a size that will just fit inside the box is handed out for examination; then both lids of the box are opened and the die is dropped in at the top, so that the audience see it plainly. Then the box is closed. The performer waves his hand over it and commands the die to leave the box. This is opened at once and is found to be empty. Then the hat is handed to its owner, and to his surprise the die is seen inside of it.

The accompanying illustrations show that the box is fitted with a spring roller curtain A, at the front opening. An eye is sewed to the back of this curtain so that when the die is dropped into the box it lowers the curtain. This has the same number of spots painted on it that are on the side of the die presented to the audience as it drops into the box. A hook, C, catches the eye of the curtain at the bottom of the box, and holds it until the performer releases it. The bottom of the box B, which is held over the inside of the hat when exhibiting the trick, has a spring trap which allows the die to drop into the hat, the front lid hiding this. The illustrations, Fig. 161, which Mr. Goldston sends are so clearly drawn that there ought to be no difficulty in following the details of the trick.

Fig.162 Illustrations to A Girl produced from Empty Boxes.

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