Magic Trick: The Second Deal

The object of this sleight, as its name implies, is to deal the second card of the pack, while, apparently, dealing the top card, which remains unchanged in its position after the deal.

The cards are held loosely in the left hand with the thumb on top of the pack, in the position usually adopted in dealing.

The left thumb pushes to the right the two top cards, so that they will be between the thumb and middle finger, the thumb on top of the first card and the tip of the middle finger under the second card. As the hands come together, the thumb and forefinger of the right hand grasp the two top cards, the thumb pushing the top card back to its original position on top of the pack, in which movement it is assisted by the left thumb. The right forefinger by a closing downward movement draws away the second card, which is now held between that finger and the thumb free from the pack. At the same moment the left hand moves back a little to the left.

The different movements must melt into one another, so to speak, and with a little practice, the most keeneyed observer will be deceived.

Fig. 25

It will greatly facilitate the proper working of this sleight, especially when it is to be repeated several times in immediate succession, if the little finger of the left hand is held as a rest or stop against the lower part of the pack. This will keep the cards safely together. See the illustration, Fig. 25.

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