Magic Trick: The Needle Trick

The performer shows a number of needles and a piece of thread about eighteen inches long. The thread is wound around the needles. Then several pieces of bright colored sewing silk are offered to the audience who select one and tie it to the end of the thread that is wound around the needles. These preliminaries being finished, the performer puts needles and thread into his mouth, the bit of colored silk hanging out over his under lip. Then follow some grimaces as if the performer were swallowing the needles, and when these cease the conjurer takes hold of the silk, pulls it out and it is followed by the needles threaded and about an inch apart.

As our readers no doubt surmise, a duplicate lot of needles, already threaded, is used; the rest of the length of thread is wrapped around them, except about three inches. This bunch of needles is passed under a ring that is worn on the second finger of the performer's left hand, and is kept there concealed, as shown in Fig. 152. A similar number of needles and a thread are now exhibited. The needles are bunched together and the thread is wound around them except about three inches. Then they are put between the thumb and the first and second fingers of the left hand for a few moments, and the loose end is, apparently, run between the fingers and left hanging outside. We say, apparently, for in fact it is dropped inside the hand and the end of the other bunch of needles is allowed to show outside. One of the colored threads is now selected and tied to the loose end that belongs to the threaded bunch. When about to "swallow" the needles, the performer takes them, seemingly, with his right hand, but drops them into the left hand and takes those that are under the ring. The audience have no suspicion that any change has been made, for they see the colored silk that they suppose was tied to the needles first shown. The needles are put into the performer's mouth, the silk thread dangling outside, and the trick is brought to a conclusion, as described. The points of the needles are ground dull to insure safety in handling them.

Fig. 152

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