Magic Trick: To Force a Card

By this very necessary artifice a performer induces one of his audience to select a particular card which is to be used in the course of a trick.

Fig. 24

Like all tricks it requires some practice, but above all it needs much audacity. The card to be forced is, at the beginning, either at the top or bottom of the pack. By means of the "pass" it is brought to about the middle of the pack, the tip of the little finger of the left hand being held on top of it. As the pack is offered to the person who is to draw, the cards are pushed one by one with the left thumb into the right hand apparently to afford the selection of any desired card. Just at the very moment that the card is to be taken the forced card must be almost at the finger tips of the one who is to draw, and be exposed, if possible, a trifle more than the other cards. (See Fig. 24). The unsuspecting victim will almost invariably draw that card.

If, by any chance, another card be drawn than the one the performer desired, he must not be disconcerted, but must try to force his card on some one else. With the first card drawn some minor trick may be performed, as, for instance, when the card is returned to the pack the performer passes it to the bottom and learns what it is. Then addressing the one who drew it, he says: "It would not be fair to use that card for the trick, as I chanced to catch sight of it." Then he names the card and proceeds with his trick. This ruse generally averts all suspicion.

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