Magic Trick: To Shuffle the Pack so as Not to Disturb the Position of the Top or the Bottom Card or of Both Cards

In order that the bottom card of the pack may be in the same position after the shuffle as it was before, the pack is held in the right hand as is usual when shuffling. Then the left hand squeezes it between the thumb and fingers, the thumb on top and the fingers below. Now if the rest of the cards are lifted out from between the top and the bottom cards by the thumb and second finger of the right hand, as if to shuffle the pack, it will be found that the top and the bottom cards will be clipped together by the left hand, and the pack may be shuffled over these two cards, leaving the bottom card in its original position.

The same procedure will keep the top card in its place, but two shuffles will be necessary, for after the first shuffle the top card will be next to the bottom card of the pack. By repeating the same shuffle the top card will be brought to the bottom of the pack, and then by shuffling it may be brought to the top.

As will be seen, this shuffle keeps both top and bottom cards in place.

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