Magic Trick: Another Method of Shuffling a Pack Without Changing Its Order

Fig. 23

The pack is held in the left hand, the thumb on the top, the fingers at the bottom. The left thumb pushes a few cards into the right hand. Then the rest of the pack is placed in batches of five or six cards alternately above and below the cards in the right hand, but in the following way: The cards that go above are taken from the bottom of the pack, whilst those that go below are from the top. While there will be no difficulty in pushing the top cards of the pack below the packet in the right hand it will not be found so easy to push the cards from the bottom of the pack above those in the right hand. The difficulty may be overcome, however, by placing the right hand thumb against the right side of the pack while the left fingers push the bottom cards on top of the right hand packet. In this way the right thumb will act as a check, as shown in illustration, Fig. 23.

It only remains now for the performer to run his eye over the pack in order to find the card that was originally at the bottom, and making the pass at that point bring the pack back to the order in which it was first arranged.

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