Magic Trick: The Suspended Glass

Either a tumbler or a large wine glass may be used for this trick and preferably one of thin glass. Keeping his hand perfectly flat the performer lays it over the mouth of the glass, and when he lifts his hand, to the great surprise of the company the glass is seen to cling to it without visible support. To prove that it is not the result of air pressure, a playing card is passed between the glass and the hand, and the glass still remains suspended. The secret of the trick lies in the fact that the rim of the glass is clipped between the thumb and forefinger. When the flat hand is laid over the glass it is pressed down, letting the lower joint of the forefinger sink into the glass as far as may be. The thumb on the outside presses against the glass. The passing of the card between the mouth of the glass and the hand while tending to heighten the effect of the trick is simple. When properly done the trick is not easily detected.

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