Magic Trick: The Talking Glass

The performer gives out a flint wine-glass, a silk thread about sixteen inches long, and his wand. One end of the thread he ties near one end of his wand, and the other end of the thread to the stem of the wine-glass. While the wand is in the performer's hand, the glass will ring out an answer to questions, tell the number of spots on a drawn card, and the suit, by ringing twice for "yes" and once for "no." Considerable fun may be made, all depending, of course, on the wit of the performer. All that is necessary for this trick is to roughen the wand somewhat, just enough to catch the thread slightly. It is also well to rosin the thread. When the performer wishes the glass to ring, he turns the wand a trifle in his fingers; the thread will go with it a little way, but the weight of the glass pulls it back again, and this jerks the glass slightly, causing it to ring.

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