Magic Trick: A Disappearing Knife

While seated at the table after dinner, the performer picks up a knife, and wraps it up in a handkerchief, part of the blade projecting from below. See Fig. 121. Holding the packet in his right hand, and standing up, he calls attention to the blade. With his left hand he pushes the blade up into the handkerchief until it can no longer be seen. Then taking hold of the two upper corners of the handkerchief, he shakes it, and shows both sides. The knife has vanished.

Fig. 121

The handkerchief is double, that is, two handkerchiefs, exactly alike, are sewed together around the edges. On the inside of one is a pocket, with the open side toward the edge of the handkerchief. In this pocket is hung part of a knife-blade, in the upper part of which is drilled a hole through which a strong thread runs, the ends being fastened to the bottom of the pocket. The thread is of such length that the blade will be drawn entirely inside the pocket when the upper ends of the handkerchief are held. See Fig. 121. To hold the real knife there is a black bag long enough to conceal it. The bag hangs on the performer's back between the vest and the coat and reaches nearly to his waist. The mouth of this bag is held open by a wire ring (a large key-ring will do perfectly) and attached to this are two elastic cords. These go over the performer's shoulders through the arm holes of the vest, and the ends are fastened to the front suspender buttons of the trousers. Before beginning the trick, the performer, seated, gets this bag between his legs and holds the ring between his knees. When he has covered the knife with the handkerchief, he draws the packet near the edge of the table and allows the knife to slide into the bag. The suspended blade which now projects below the handkerchief holds the attention of the audience and deceives them. When the performer stands up the elastics draw the bag up under his coat and all that remains for the performer to do is to stretch the handkerchief by the two corners, and thus draw the blade into the pocket.

Fig. 122

A duplicate knife, which the performer has slipped into some one's pocket may then be produced, and shown as if it were the original.

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