Magic Trick: An Elusive Ring

The performer has in his pocket a handkerchief to the center of which is fastened the two ends of a short thread, thus forming a loop. Hanging from this loop is a cheap finger ring. When he is called on for a trick, he selects a small goblet and a napkin, with which to show his deftness. Borrowing a ring from a lady, he pretends to put it under the handkerchief, but keeps it and in its place puts the hanging ring, which he holds through the handkerchief by his fingers on the outside. Giving the goblet to a second lady he asks her to hold it. Then he puts the handkerchief over it so that the bowl is completely covered, asks her to keep hold of the bottom of the glass with one hand and with the other to hold the ring (always from the outside). Getting the borrowed ring between the tips of his thumb and first and second fingers, he picks up the napkin and shows it is empty, holding the ring concealed at one corner. Then gathering the corners of the napkin together, so as to make a bag into which he lets the ring slide, he hands it to a third lady, with the request that she holds the corners tightly together. Taking a table knife, he approaches the lady who holds the hanging ring, and says: "When I say three, be good enough to drop the ring into the glass. Now, one, two, three." She drops the ring as requested, and every one hears it strike. Then he taps the glass with the knife, lifts off the handkerchief, and shows that the glass is empty. The third lady is asked to open the napkin, and to her surprise she finds the ring inside. "I am sorry to trouble you, madam, but will you kindly hand the ring to the owner, so that she may identify it. Thank you!"

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