Magic Trick: An Adhesive Nut

When the nuts are brought on the table after dinner, the performer picks up a walnut and holding it between his thumb and the second and third fingers, with the forefinger on the top, he rubs it up and down on his sleeve for a few minutes in order, as he says, to generate electricity. Then he removes all but the forefinger to which the nut is seen to adhere. The reason is plain. The rubbing on the sleeve was, as may be supposed, merely a ruse to give the performer an opportunity to separate the two shells at the top. It is into this opening that the performer presses the skin of the forefinger, and thus holds the nut suspended, as shown in Fig. 120.

Fig. 120

Should there be an opportunity it is well to separate the shells slightly at the top before attempting the trick, as some nuts do not give way readily except under very strong fingers.

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