Magic Trick: A Succession of Surprises

The performer hands out for examination a goblet and a cardboard cylinder large enough to go over the goblet and serve as a cover. When they are returned to him he covers the goblet with the cylinder. Suddenly a red silk handkerchief appears in his hands and just as suddenly disappears. Then the cylinder is removed and the handkerchief is seen in the goblet. The performer takes it out and hands it for examination, and then replaces it in the goblet, which he again covers. A moment later he takes the handkerchief from his trousers pocket, and shows that the goblet is empty. So he continues, causing the handkerchief to leave the goblet and return to it, finding it alternately under his collar, in the pocket of one of the audience, and in various other places. At the conclusion goblet and cylinder are once more handed out for examination.

The "properties" for the trick consist of:—

A. A goblet of clear cut glass, about six inches in height and three inches in diameter. The sides are cut with perpendicular lines.

B. A well of transparent glass, about three inches in height, that fits loosely in the goblet. At the top, which is three inches in diameter, it flares out so that it will rest on the edge of the goblet.

C. A plate of brass, silver-plated and highly polished. This is a trifle shorter than the well and fits it snug at the sides.

D. A cardboard cylinder, three and a half inches in height and three and an eighth inches in diameter. One end is closed, but has a hole in it large enough to admit the performer's forefinger. The other end is open.

The brass plate C is placed in the well B, and a handkerchief is dropped on one side of it. Other handkerchiefs are disposed of in the various places from which they are to be taken afterwards. Then B is placed inside of the cylinder.

When these preparations are made, the performer is ready for his trick. He begins by handing out the goblet. When it is returned, he stands it on his table. Then picking up the cylinder, which is lying on its side, he thrusts his forefinger through the hole in the top, so as to secure the well B, and covers the goblet, remarking at the same time, "This is a little cover for the goblet." Almost immediately he lifts off the cylinder, being careful to have the handkerchief turned toward himself, and continuing says, "Please look at this and assure yourselves that it is not prepared in any way." As he removes D he leaves B in the goblet. The trick is now virtually done.

The first handkerchief is made to appear and disappear by any of the methods described elsewhere. In lifting up the goblet, from time to time, he gives it a half-turn, bringing the handkerchief that is in the well in sight or causing it to disappear. How to make a handkerchief appear or vanish from the trousers pocket is explained here.

At the conclusion, B and C are allowed to drop into a padded box at the back of the performer's table, and then cover and goblet are handed out for a final examination.

M. Blind also favors us with another trick which he entitles

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