Magic Trick: The Single Change

This is made without the help of the pack. It is useful when a selected card has been replaced in the pack and passed to the top, where it is still to remain though the pack is shuffled. The performer takes the two top cards, holding them so that they appear as one, and lays the pack on the table.

The cards, slightly bent inward so as to keep them together, are held up between the forefinger and the thumb, as shown in Fig. 20, and the audience are asked if they recognize the selected card. As they see only the card that was the second on the top and now conceals the selected card behind it, they are not slow to declare that the performer has made a mistake. Naturally he is somewhat crestfallen, but at once sets about remedying the mistake. Taking the card, face down, between the forefinger and thumb of his left hand, he gives it a fillip with the first finger of the right hand, and when the face of the card is shown again it proves to be the chosen card.

When the performer transfers the cards to his left hand, the thumb of that hand rests on the top card, while the fingers are on the bottom one. Then the thumb draws the top, the chosen, card into the left hand, while the fingers push the bottom card into the right hand, where it is palmed. See Fig. 21.

Fig. 20

Fig. 21

As the right hand is advanced to strike the card the fingers naturally contract or partly close, thus concealing the palmed card.

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