Magic Trick: The Stretched Handkerchief

Let us suppose the two upper corners of a handkerchief, when held up before one, are marked A and B, and the lower corners C and D. Taking the handkerchief by the upper corners the performer folds it in two, thus bringing C to A and D to B. He holds A and C with the thumb and second finger of the left hand, the forefinger being between the fold. The right hand holds B and D in the same way. Then, twirling the handkerchief around and around he forms it into a sort of rope. When it has assumed this shape, the second finger of the left hand releases A, while the thumb and forefinger grasps C. Then D is dropped and the thumb and forefinger of the right hand take hold of B. The handkerchief is now held by diagonally opposite corners. The performer begins to pull and the handkerchief to stretch. Every little while the performer gives it an extra twist, and so continues to pull and to twist, till it is stretched out to an, apparently, inordinate length.

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