Magic Trick: To Make a Handkerchief Disappear from the Hands

In this little trick the handkerchief that is to disappear is seen up to the last moment. The requisites for the trick are very simple, merely a small silk handkerchief and a little piece of the same silk, which is held concealed at the root of the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. In exhibiting the trick, the performer pulls up his sleeves, folding over the left sleeve so as to form a sort of pocket. Taking the handkerchief by one corner he rolls it into a ball, which he pretends to put in his left hand, but really palms in his right At the same time he takes the little piece that is concealed at the root of the thumb and brings it up above the thumb and forefinger of his closed left fist. The audience will suppose they see the corner of the handkerchief. Then under pretence of adjusting his left sleeve he slips the balled handkerchief under the fold of the sleeve and leaves it there. The hands are now brought together and after rubbing them together for a moment the little piece which is now rolled into a tiny ball is replaced in its hiding place. Then the hands are shown, back and face, apparently empty. This is a very pretty and deceptive trick.

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