Magic Trick: The Bottom Change

In this change the card to be changed is left at the bottom of the pack instead of at the top. It is somewhat easier of execution than the top change, and has the advantage of being almost noiseless and the still greater advantage that instead of one card, two or more cards may be exchanged equally well.

The pack is held in the left hand, as in the top change. The card to be changed is in the right hand between the thumb and first finger. On its way to meet the left hand, however, the fingers are shifted. The first finger, which is below the card, is brought to the top to join the thumb, and, consequently, the card is held between the first and middle fingers. In this position the thumb and first finger can grasp the top card of the pack, while the card to be exchanged is brought to the bottom of the pack where the second, third, and little fingers of the left hand are extended to receive it. At the same moment the first finger of that hand, which is between the pack and the card which is substituted for the one that is to be exchanged, is brought to the bottom, as shown in the illustration, Fig. 18.

Fig. 18

Fig. 19

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