Magic Trick: The Top Change

When the top card is to be changed the pack is held in the left hand, the thumb resting across the back and the fingers at the bottom. The card that is to be changed for the top card of the pack is held between the tips of the right hand thumb and the forefinger, the thumb on top of the card and the forefinger below it.

The hands are brought together for just a moment, and the left thumb pushes the top card of the pack an inch or so to the right. At the same time the card held in the right hand is laid on the top of the pack and slid back by the left thumb. At that moment the first and middle fingers of the right hand clip and carry off the original top card of the pack, as shown in Fig. 17. Care must be taken to bring the forefinger, which, with the thumb is on top of the card, to the bottom, thus replacing the second finger, so that the card will be between the thumb and forefinger. The slight noise which is unavoidable, must be reduced to a minimum, and as soon as the change is made the left hand is drawn away, but not too quickly, while the right hand is held motionless. The body must not be turned sideways to the left at the critical moment, nor should the hands be brought together suddenly and then separated in a jerky fashion, as if something were snatched away. The necessary moves ought to be made in a natural, careless way in the course of the remarks that accompany the trick. While it may seem that these moves will be apparent to every one, they are, in fact, almost imperceptible.

Fig. 17

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