Magic Trick: The Changing Billiard Balls

A red billiard ball is wrapped in a small red silk handkerchief and placed in a goblet, as shown in Fig. 105.

Fig. 105 The ball in the handkerchief dropped into the goblet.

Fig. 105a. Showing ball palmed.

A green billiard ball is wrapped in a silk handkerchief of its own color, and that is placed in a second goblet. When the handkerchiefs are pulled out of the goblets it is found that the balls have changed places. For this trick three balls are needed, say, two red and one green, though the audience imagine that two balls only are used. Besides these there are the two handkerchiefs and the goblets. When the performer begins the trick he has a red ball palmed in his right hand. Picking up the green silk, he spreads it over the open left hand, which is held palm upwards. With his right hand the performer picks up the green ball and apparently puts it in the green handkerchief. In reality the red ball goes in the handkerchief and the green ball is palmed. This substitution will not be noticeable if a slight throwing movement is employed accompanied with a little upward motion of the hand. At almost the same moment the left hand throws the handkerchief over the ball, while the right hand in which the green ball is now palmed wraps the handkerchief around the red ball and puts both in the goblet. The red handkerchief is now spread over the left hand and the same routine, as used with the first ball, is followed. The palmed red ball is slipped into a pocket or otherwise got out of sight. Of course, when the handkerchiefs are slowly drawn out of the goblets it will appear as if the balls had changed places.

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