Magic Trick: To Pass a Billiard Ball from One Goblet to Another

A billiard ball placed in a goblet and covered with a cardboard cylinder mysteriously disappears to reappear in a second goblet, which is also covered.

The necessary properties for the trick are: 1. A wooden or celluloid red billiard ball, to which is glued a small bit of red cloth, a quarter of an inch by half an inch in size. The ends, only, of the cloth are to be glued to the ball. 2. Two glass goblets. 3. Two thin, dark-colored cardboard cylinders, to go over the goblets. Each should be about two inches higher than the goblet and one must fit loosely over the other. 4. A fine black silk thread, with a loop at one end large enough to go over the performer's thumb; it should be about one and a half times longer than the height of one of the cylinders, and at one end have a tiny fishhook, with the barb filed off.

The goblets are on the table, some distance apart, with the cylinders and the ball by them. Picking up the cylinders the performer holds them so that the audience may see through them, and then covering one with the other drops them over one goblet. Then with his left hand he takes up the ball, being careful to conceal the bit of cloth. At the same moment he gets hold with his right hand of the thread, which he has stuck on the right side of his trousers or on his vest, and transferring the ball to that hand, inserts the hook in the bit of cloth and gets the loop over his thumb. The ball is then dropped through the cylinders into the glass. To convince the audience that it is there, the performer lifts both cylinders, taking hold of them near the top. As the thread is longer than these covers, he can readily do this, showing the ball in the goblet. Once more he lowers the covers, and taking hold of the outer one near the bottom, which will draw the ball inside of it, removes that cover and places it over the other goblet. At the same time he lets the loop of the thread slip from his thumb, which lets the ball land in the glass.

When both covers are removed, the first goblet will be found empty, while in the second is the ball.

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