Magic Trick: To Pass an Egg from a Tumbler Into a Hat

For this a celluloid or a blown egg is needed. To it is attached a fine black silk thread, that has a small hook on the free end, which is fastened to the lower part of the performer's vest. The egg is stowed away under his vest or in a vest pocket. When ready for the trick a handkerchief and a soft felt hat are borrowed and laid on the table; near them are an egg and a goblet. The latter are handed out for examination, and as he goes back to his table the performer exchanges the real egg for the imitation one. Facing the audience, he drops the egg visibly into the goblet. Picking up the hat he stands it behind the goblet, brim up. Taking the handkerchief by two corners he spreads it out, as if to cover the goblet. While the latter is thus screened, the performer moves back a trifle, which causes the egg to rise up out of the glass and drop into the hat. The handkerchief is covered over the glass. Taking the hat in one hand and the glass in the other, the performer orders the egg to leave the glass and go into the hat. Seizing the handkerchief between his teeth he drags it off and shows the glass to be empty. The next moment he pours the egg from the hat into the glass. As he turns to put away the glass he unhooks the thread. Finally he returns the borrowed articles, thanking the owners.

It may be mentioned here that a simple and secure way to attach a piece of sewing silk to an egg is to tie one end of the thread to a piece of broken match, about three-quarters of an inch in length, then make a tiny hole in the shell of the egg, about the center, and push in the bit of match. The thread may break but will not pull off.

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