Magic Trick: How Money Attracts

The performer borrows a ring and a half-dollar, and lays them on his table, about nine inches apart. Then he orders the ring to go to the coin, seize it, and bring it to him, which command is at once obeyed in a most mysterious and amusing way.

To carry out this little trick, the performer provides himself with a piece of fine black sewing silk, about 30 inches long. One end he fastens to the top button of his waistcoat; the other end, to which is attached a little pellet of wax, is stuck on the nail of a finger of the left hand. As he takes the borrowed ring, the performer puts it, for a moment, on the finger to which the waxed end of the silk is attached. Then with his right hand he removes the ring and with it the silk. Both of these he lays on his left palm, and transferring the waxed end of the silk to the right thumb, he presses it on the borrowed coin. Going to his table, which must be covered with a dark cloth, he lays the ring and the coin down, as already told. Then tapping the table gently with his fingers, he gives his order to the ring, and raising his body slightly, the silk becomes taut, and the ring slides along it to the coin. Then the performer lays the back of his open hand on the table, and gently drawing away his body, the ring and coin will move toward the hand and climb into it.

All that remains to be done, is to remove the wax from the coin and return it and the ring to their respective owners.

Some performers substitute a hair from a woman's head for the silk, and for those who learn to handle it properly it is much to be preferred.

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